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Managing Director

As a state skills development centre, Mr. Munawar Khan skills plays a significant role in providing skills training and undoubtedly contributes to the effort made by the group of Sina Marine to enhance the training and upgrading of skills manpower needed by industries.

Since its establishment Mr. Munawar skills have progressed termendously and made remarkable development in terms of improving infrastructure and training facilities in according with the industry requirements, today his skill is recognised as a centre for providing skills technical to produce employable graduates, school leavers and industrial manpower who are skilled and competent..

Awarded by Oil & Gas Organization

We are in the circle of business networking with pricipals/decision makers, business leaders and manufacturers and awarded by the O&G media owners, that are looking to enhance or establish their presence in the middle east region, to facilitate agencies and dealerships. We are interested in establishing business relationships with organization that are buyers ans suppliers related to OILGAS, Marine and Shipping sections for our valuable clients, to help all of them..

to network ourselves and all other companies who belong to our business to consolidate our position and relationship and to extend our operation by finding new additional representations and possible joint ventures from the middle east and internationally and to find new technology partners as well as look into business development opportunities.

The Oilfield directory is an authoritative and definitive reference guide for the OilGas, Shipping, Logistics, Freight Forwarding, Yacht and Marine industries in the Middle East, who are covering all the middle east countries, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain etc. We are participating and playing our role to this field as an active member of that organization to build our enhanced capabilites.

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